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As builders driven by efficiency and simplicity, you'll love Rapyd's flexible APIs and robust documentation that enable seamless integration of global financial services into your apps, fostering your growth within a community of sharp developers reshaping the fintech world.


Use Cases

Rapyd's practical use cases are developer lifesavers, offering real-world solutions to common challenges and unblocking your path to innovative and efficient fintech application development. Here are a few to get you started.

Additional Platforms and Features

Rapyd Platforms

Get a snapshot of Rapyd's products.

Payment Methods / Payout Methods

Discover hundreds of different payment and payout method types.

Supported Currencies

View any supported currency with Rapyd.

Client Portal Guide

Start navigating Rapyd's Client Portal features.

Request Signatures

Review the signature header parameter, and code for REST requests.


Build, and customize your checkout page.

Rapyd Issuing

Issue cards and bank accounts.