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Plugins and Add-Ons

Instantly connect hundreds of local payment methods to your shopping cart and drive increased conversions and customer loyalty.


eCommerce Plugins

Accept local payments on the world’s leading ecommerce platforms with no integration.

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With a Rapyd Client Portal Account, you can:

  • Activate and set up your plugin.

  • Access sandbox mode and test payments.

  • View supported payment methods.

  • View payment reports.

  • Invite team members.

  • Complete KYB steps to fully activate your account.


Rapyd Account Connection Limit

You can only connect one store per Rapyd Account.

Sign in to Client Portal and navigate to Plugins.


The Featured Plugins page displays the supported plugins:

  • Each plugin window displays the plugin's status: Activated or Deactivated.

  • Initially, all plugins are deactivated.


To view the plugin menu, click on the three dots icon that is on the top right corner of the plugin window. From the Plugin menu you can:

  • View plugin installation guide

  • View plugin keys

  • Search for countries and supported payment methods


To view the keys of a specific plugin:

  1. Select your desired plugin with the blue switch on.


    The plugin access key and secret key are displayed.

  2. Click the fields to copy and paste both keys as indicated in the plugin instructions.


  • Some plugins do not require keys, and their menu does not display the View Keys option.

  • There are unique keys for sandbox and production environments.