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Payment Completed Webhook

The PAYMENT_COMPLETED webhook is sent when funds are received from a payment method.

A card payment with capture set to true receives a CLO status immediately after the payment. If the payment method requires the action of a third party to complete the payment process, this webhook is triggered when the last required third-party action is completed.

In the sandbox, you can simulate the third-party action and trigger this webhook. Use:


  • {
        "id": "wh_e0afb507504b5eb901449993fadba20f",
        "type": "PAYMENT_COMPLETED",
        "data": {
            "id": "payment_0b645b1ee17a5c3ce79e20ff5524966f",
            "mid": "",
            "paid": true,
            "order": null,
            "amount": 1,
            "escrow": null,
            "status": "CLO",
            "address": null,
            "dispute": null,
            "fx_rate": 1,
            "invoice": "",
            "outcome": null,
            "paid_at": 1711008868,
            "refunds": null,
            "captured": true,
            "ewallets": [{
                    "amount": 1,
                    "percent": 100,
                    "ewallet_id": "ewallet_c1943cfeda5f98247ab117e5d2648861",
                    "refunded_amount": 0
            "metadata": {},
            "refunded": false,
            "auth_code": null,
            "flow_type": "",
            "created_at": 1711008868,
            "error_code": "",
            "ewallet_id": "ewallet_c1943cfeda5f98247ab117e5d2648861",
            "expiration": 1711613668,
            "fixed_side": "",
            "is_partial": false,
            "description": "",
            "next_action": "not_applicable",
            "country_code": "GB",
            "failure_code": "",
            "instructions": [],
            "payment_fees": null,
            "redirect_url": "",
            "visual_codes": {},
            "cancel_reason": null,
            "currency_code": "EUR",
            "group_payment": "",
            "receipt_email": "",
            "textual_codes": {},
            "customer_token": "cus_5bee14584a78638ba717e746be62ee01",
            "payment_method": "card_0d83436af31300bf263dd5ef379b8230",
            "receipt_number": "",
            "transaction_id": "",
            "failure_message": "",
            "initiation_type": "customer_present",
            "original_amount": 1,
            "refunded_amount": 0,
            "error_payment_url": "",
            "payment_method_data": {
                "id": "card_0d83436af31300bf263dd5ef379b8230",
                "name": "John Doe",
                "type": "gb_visa_card",
                "image": "",
                "last4": "1111",
                "category": "card",
                "metadata": null,
                "acs_check": "unchecked",
                "cvv_check": "unchecked",
                "bin_details": {
                    "type": "DEBIT",
                    "brand": "VISA",
                    "level": "CREDIT",
                    "issuer": "JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A.",
                    "country": "US",
                    "bin_number": "411111"
                "next_action": "not_applicable",
                "webhook_url": "",
                "expiration_year": "25",
                "expiration_month": "05",
                "fingerprint_token": "ocfp_e599f990674473ce6283b245e9ad2467",
                "supporting_documentation": ""
            "payment_method_type": "gb_visa_card",
            "save_payment_method": true,
            "complete_payment_url": "",
            "remitter_information": {},
            "statement_descriptor": "Doc Team",
            "merchant_reference_id": "",
            "payment_method_options": {},
            "merchant_requested_amount": null,
            "merchant_requested_currency": null,
            "payment_method_type_category": "card"
        "trigger_operation_id": "77b47127-a209-43ad-9806-90c46e33f950",
        "status": "NEW",
        "created_at": 1711008868